Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

2 Weeks With iPhone 8!

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46 thoughts on “2 Weeks With iPhone 8!

  1. Getting my Gold IPhone 8 Plus in 3 weeks! I convinced my parents to also get me an Iridescent Crystal case from the company Casey, it’s an absolutely beautiful case and I’m ecstatic! You guys should look it up, maybe you’ll want it too (it’s only for girls… Unless you’re a boy who likes girly things).

  2. I wanna buy the 8 but I’m having second thoughts about it because it has no headphone jack which means u can’t use headphones to listen music or anything and as it is like this I don’t understand why they give headphones with the phone

  3. My old best friend has an iPhone 8 Plus and she’s 12. I’m a bit older than her.. I’m 13. I still don’t have a phone. (I have an iPad and that’s all)

  4. JigSpace is a cool augmented game. I wish I could have your case I have the same exact phone and size and the color of the case goes great with the phone. Can you please ship that case to me? jk 🙂 I rlly want one though but thanks for always being an inspiration to me❤️

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