Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
Day: October 8, 2018

DudeTone – The iPhone Ringtone Drum Jam

Dudes. This ringing woke me up from a long slumber. Had to rock it out. Original Recording – iPhone “Marimba” Classic Ringtone Original Drummer: Steve Jobs….? Buy the original recording for as little as $450 right here: Filmed in Nashville by a good good dude called Ethan Dubois. Mixed in Nashville by a bad […]

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung S9 plus gaming comparison/Fortnite Gameplay/Adreno 630 vs Mali G72

➡️Buy Huawei Honor Play Kirin 970 $360- TOP best cheapest smartphones for Gaming Snapdragon 845: ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi8 banggood- ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi8 gearbest- ➡️Buy OnePlus 6 6gb ram banggood- ➡️buy OnePlus 6 6gb ram gearbest- ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s banggood- ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s gearbest- ➡️BUY Xiaomi Mi8…

PixelExperience Pie Extended ROM On Redmi Note 5 Pro || THIS IS AMAZING 😍🔥

Xda: Download: *BUG* : in built Mic doesn’t work most of the time unless you use headset mic. (just noticed it) NO GAPPS NEEDED How To Install: Telegram Channel & Group: Whyred Updates: Official RN 5 Pro group: Soundtrack:…

รีวิว OPPO A3s จอใหญ่ แบตอึด ราคา 4,999 บาท ดีไหม ?

ผลิตสื่อโดย ZAP LIE PRODUCTION Ltd. (แซ่บหลาย โปรดักชั่น จำกัด) Spec : บอกไว้ในคลิป ดูให้จบเดี๋ยวรู้เอง หรือรีบให้ไปที่ ———————————– แฟนเพจ : Website : ติดต่อ :…

Samsung Galaxy J8 vs ViVo X21 Speed Test Comparison !

Samsung j8 vs vivo x21 speedtest and ram management..which is faster we are doing speedtest between a midrange and a high mid range smartphone one is samsung galaxy j8 and the other is vivo x21.. see who wins.. #samsungj8#vivox21#speedtest SUBSCRIBE our channel for more great videos..

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