Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
Day: November 3, 2018

Samsung Smart Switch – Photos

Quand vous changez de smartphone, vos souvenirs vous suivent. Avec Samsung Smart Switch, transférez rapidement et facilement tous les souvenirs que vous aimez de votre ancien smartphone vers votre nouveau Galaxy. Récupérez et profitez de tous vos contenus en quelques minutes Pour en savoir plus : Rejoignez-nous sur : Facebook – Facebook -…

Awesome MIUI 6 for Redmi Note 4G ! – Detailed Install guide ! Everything Explained !

-Walkthrough of MIUI 6. -Difference between developer version and stale version explained ! *** New way to install Google apps- *** Another way to install Google services ! Download – Extract package and install all apks 🙂 ——————————————————————- MIUI 6 Features review – One Handed Operation Mode -…

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 ✔️

See current devices prices on Amazon 🛒: Apple iPhone X: Google Pixel 2: Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 ✔️ Full and fast comparison 🔎 by BATTERY POWER, TOTAL CLOCK SPEED, SCREEN SIZE, HAS BRANDED DAMAGE RESISTANT GLASS, SUPPORTS 4K RESOLUTION, RESOLUTION, PIXEL DENSITY, RAM, MEGAPIXELS (main camera), FRONT CAMERA MEGAPIXELS, VIDEO […]

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