Sunday, 16 Jun 2019

5 reasons to choose the Pixel 3a over the iPhone

The new Pixel 3a is no question the best under $500 phone ever created. Everything about the video is ridiculous for the price. I’m beyond impressed. Here is a quick list of the 5-10 things I wish my iPhone did that the pixel does beautifully. Apple, I hope you’re listening.

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16 thoughts on “5 reasons to choose the Pixel 3a over the iPhone

  1. I am sorry but you dit the same thing for the last pixel phone and then moved back to iphone? Why did you move back from iphone from the last pixel phone you had.

  2. Answer to your last question: because apple spent a lot to build their own infrastucture and ecosystem to trap their users within. They make great products but the price doesn't match the market price. Ultimately, they could easily implement those tech, but that requires some changes and extra cost. Most apple users stay buying apple products.

    As for my family members, when a new iPhone comes out, they compare the options within apple. I on the otherhand, when a new iPhone comes out, I compare it to all other devices and pick the one with best value. I'd gladly take the iPhone if the value justifies itself but it hasn't so far.

  3. Love that you just jumped into your five points right away without a lengthy intro, or opening statement, Scott! Seriously, I wish more reviewers would just get to it.

  4. Yes, Apple is so far behind the tech curve that people who use them are considered less tech-savvy plus they are just brand followers and overpay for everything. This being said I still have a Iphone 10 Xs but it just used for content creating. My daily driver is a Samsung Note 9. "Just Create" you're changing the world.

  5. 3:05 Sorry, but I don't get this point. Wenn you watch a video on a iPhone X it looks the same. Best experience of course with videos that have a 2:1 aspect ratio but filling up the whole screen and bumping the video into the notch is an optional feature.

  6. There’s 2 different worlds, and I know you have heard about jailbreak that will give you all the features the iPhone is missing… I understand the iPhone is falling but I have everything around apple I still keep working with iPhone… great review! 👍

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