Monday, 22 Apr 2019

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus | Should You Buy In 2018 ?? | Myths & Miss Information

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus 2015 Flagship Thats Sill Good In 2018 SEE WHY!!!
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49 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 Edge+ Vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus | Should You Buy In 2018 ?? | Myths & Miss Information

  1. Great video. I'm owning a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for more then 2,5 years now. Extremely surprised about the building quality, or I just had luck until now. Also, the speed is still great. You can buy one on eBay around 200-250 US dollar new. Keep up the good work, greeting from the Netherlands :-).

  2. I have S7 edge in the same color and i think it's still the best phone from Samsung. The huge 3600mAh battery (I think it's the biggest battery from all the Samsung flagships). The camera is not so large on the bottom. And the device is waterresistant. It has still fingerprint sensor in the front. And you can use SD card. Design is similar to S6 edge+ and it's little smaller and better to use by one hand. And it's the last Samsung flagship which has the normal 16:9 display. And without the Bixby button.

  3. Yeah man, I even did a comparison with a ZTE ZMax pro against my S8 plus and the ZTE kept up right along with it! Kinda opened my eyes up. This kind of video needs to be put out there to remind people to not get so caught up in the hype of newer is sooooo much better! It isn't to be honest!

  4. Very nice video Eric. Any idea if the Samsung S6 serie will have Android 8.0 ? The phone is more then 2 years old so with the current Samsung update policy , I guess that this phone will stay with Android 7.0 and Samsung will drop the support of that device later this year.

  5. What I like about the video is that you show us broke mofo's , that we can still be a boss without having to beg for Oracle bucks , that's what's up Eazy .. Good job πŸ‘

  6. This is a great video. We don't have too many of these videos these days. Everyone's always talking about the latest and greatest we forget about the titans from the past like these two phones. (Ford GT)

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