Saturday, 25 May 2019

How To DJ With Spotify On Pioneer DDJ-200 & Algoriddim djay (iPad & iPhone)

Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-200 controller is designed to work with mobile devices and streaming services. Here’s how to use it with Spotify & djay on iPad/iPhone.

This Bluetooth Midi controller and it’s WeDJ & Edjaying Mix DJ apps opens up lots of Djing possibilities, so check our full first look review too:

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26 thoughts on “How To DJ With Spotify On Pioneer DDJ-200 & Algoriddim djay (iPad & iPhone)

  1. The bluetooth link will automatically degrade the sound quality, it simply won't sound as good as a wired link. I suppose to this target audience it won't matter but it is a issue for me. Cheers

  2. What’s the voltage to power the device as thinking of getting this along with a jbl portable speaker that has the ability to charge your phone which I may also use to power the device.

  3. I have the original Algoriddim Djay Pro app that I paid $9.99 or something like that for both my iPhone XS Max and 1st Generation Lightning Cable iPad. Does Djay Pro have the ability to work with the Pioneer DDJ-200 controller using the Bluetooth MIDI Devices technology like the subscription service Djay app that you are demonstrating here? I was hoping to find a Dj Controller like the DDJ-200 that will work perfectly with the Algoriddim Djay Pro app on both my iPhone XS Max and 1st Generation Lightning Cable iPad. Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi. Can you camera connection kit audio ( If camera connection kit does actually work that way ) To an audio interface instead of using headphone out of device and using that splitter cable.

  5. Another reason they need to still include the headphone Jack in devices. Do you think that big DJs and producers can influence the electronic companies to not get rid of the headphone Jack in devices?? Or what's your take on the whole headphone Jack removal situation??

  6. Before Algoriddim revamped its djay app, in the old djay2 when you plugged in a pioneer WeGo controller the on-screen crossfader would be replaced with a toolbar that could hot swap effects and change the crossfader curve. Maybe something similar could be implemented here?

  7. I was messing around with Djay last night after watching yesterdays video. I am a hobby DJ, and like to post on So I was trying to think of ways to record my sessions with this and the app. But turns out Djay has internal recording. Either 1 mbit compressed, or 10mbit WAV. So thats sorted! That should have been in the video.

  8. this type of child play gear n features effects to real DJ who do hard work on DJing field … these days many of people's so lazy they put DJ title with-out any hardwork… reason this tyoe of toys. very ssd😈

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