Monday, 22 Apr 2019

iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S Video Review Part 1


23 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S Video Review Part 1

  1. galaxy s is better because…
    1. bigger screen
    2.can use sdcards as extra storage which is a big bonus
    3. £250 cheaper!!(beats it alone)
    4. faster wifi

    only disadvantage no flash, so samsung galaxy s wins hands down no competition, were is your comebacks now?

  2. If your gonna explain why you think the galaxy S is better, don't make up these stories about the iPhone saying that you relative or friend at school had one and said that it shit so you bought the galaxy S.
    You'll never know how good the Phone is unless you have one. For me they both look sexy, I just like the iPhone because I have one (The obvious reason) and even though you have many of the same features on the galaxy, the iPhone 4 gives me the most enjoyment everytime I use it

  3. @armandornd thank you for staying on topic and for reminding me that i am not english, by the way don't they always use "post a comment"? instead of "put up a comment"? that part escapes me, this is your way of saying galaxy s is better ? roflmao

  4. @qaizali 80.000 apps – the android store is lacking quality control vs 300.000 apps, i do agree the samsung has some pluses including price, but to be honest superior more vibrant screen?!? marketing or that "fishy" background got to you? Hold both phones toghether in your hand and give an honest opinion about build quality

  5. @therealestmc85 The galaxy runs on android 2.2 so there are 20'000 androd apps plus a few samsung apps available besides android is on the move there are more android phones sold then iphones the iphone apps are all limited to the permission of apple, in the video it seems that the galaxy has stronger contrast, besides the video showed that the product quality of the galaxy isn't bad it's cheaper then the iphone,
    I'm no fanboy of any brand but I'm sure taking in consideration buying the galaxy

  6. @niggastolemyshoe the iphone 4 feels like a high-end device while on the other hand the galaxy feels like a cheap. the materials the iphone is made from are better quality. the iphone display is better, and i can play games like nba, fifa 11, nova, and even spiderman. these game are really close to the sony psp's. and what about 1000 of great apps? you dont get these with the galaxy s.

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