Saturday, 25 May 2019

iPhone 8 Plus vs HTC U11 Speed Test!

iPhone 8 Plus vs HTC U11 Speed Test, Camera Speed, Specs, Front Camera, AnTuTU Benchmark, Chrome, Apps and Games Opening, Multitasking, Speakers and more!

41 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus vs HTC U11 Speed Test!

  1. My dad has a htc u11 and it’s so amazing I love it so much I want it but I can’t ;-; the camera the speaker and everything about it is amazing and it is so sleek and nice to feel in my opinion GET THE HTC!!!

  2. thanks to Elevating New York for agree with me .the camera software is ok on iphone.but harware wise they are not the greatest.they are late to push latest tech.optisk stabilizer has nokia used long before iphone started to use it.As i see it today from 2013 samsung have been the best brand.with that i mean the upper models galaxy 3-4 and note.they had a bad battery design in one model.i have seen phones with powerful cpu and so on with to small battery and poorly design that makes bootle necks in the hardware.Htc and lg hve some models that gets very hot under use.bad termal design.I am not a brand freak.But i do work with elektronics and see what is what.and i dont like factory garbage.

  3. This isnt an accurate way to do these tests.. what is your dominate hand? that hand will be pressing the button quicker – even a millisecond in timing will make a difference with these tests – being the loads are so close. The probability of you clicking each icon at the exact same time is incredibly low.

  4. Quick question: Was the camera speed test done with the iPhone 8 in HDR mode? Just curious because I know the U11 default is HDR+, which takes several shots and processes them live. In order to have a level test, both would need to be in HDR or single shot.

  5. not related to this speedtest but…….. i think some idiot say iphone is different league game but let me tell you.. at basic
    HTC iphone
    dual sim fastest
    expandable memory fastest
    sense customizations fastest
    quol 3 fast charge fastest
    best in box earphones fastest
    ya then let me tell u…….this fastest bitch…… real world we utilise how many number of apps and how much fast we want it to get………..its called practicality…….something which apple fanboys bitch dnt consider asshole….

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