Saturday, 25 May 2019

iPhone Activation by NosillaCast of

Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Podcast, hosted at shows just how easy and quick it is to activate an iPhone for a new AT&T customer

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  1. What macbook did you use for this video? and what did your friend Ron say after Steve weighs the Blackberry you can hear him say something as he removes it from the scale

  2. I am an existing AT&T Customer about to get 2 iPhones because our Nokia 6555's are slowly dying I gesss that's what we get for the free refurbs 90 day warranty and the phones malfunction shortly after it expires Will my current settings carry over when I activate our phones i,e, my unlimited text, Family plan minutes, acrued rollover minutes I know I have to get the special data plan but I can live with that.

  3. remember – that was the ORIGINAL iPhone – the new 3G one is a lot more per month! $10more for the data plan plus you have to pay $5/month for 200 text messages that were included with the original phone.

  4. wut a bunch of dumb shits. first they don't know that the iphone's screen turn off when its idle, second, the dude didn't know how to read time, third they didn't know how to press the home key to go back…….i don't even own a iphone and i know how work it.

  5. It's tragically sad that I have to be defended tho – I'm supposed to be one of the smart people at this stuff! Sometimes it's the very obvious that we miss. You'll enjoy my OLPC video – we couldn't figure out how to turn it on…because we hadn't put the battery in yet!

  6. C'mon you guys leave Allison alone there are people that don't even know how to turn on their computers not everyone is tech savvy like I am and some of you people who made those comments.

  7. you make a very good point – it IS so easy! a friend of mine was PARALYZED for 2 days after getting her iPhone because she was afraid it was going to be hard to do on her own. this video is intended to demonstrate exactly how trivial it actually is! and yes, you SHOULD buy her an iPhone!

  8. thanks for the video though found it completly useless, you have to be quite retarded not to know how to set it up, or maybe becaue i was an existing customer with cingular it was alot faster, however i know my girlfriend will get more use out my iphone than I…maybe ill have to buy her one too!

    thanks though!

  9. That's tricky, not sure. I know that here that the act of activation requires the entering of a credit card to AT&T to start paying them the monthly fee. Without it, there's no phone at all. Good luck though – post here when you figure it out?

  10. I can't answer that question because I wasn't an existing customer, my friend was and I didn't watch his activation! I know it asks for your existing phone number but it must ask more that that because otherwise you could just snake someone else's account.

  11. The other guy you see in this video is my friend Ron, and he was an existing AT&T customer. When he did the activation, it asked if he was an existing customer, he said yes, it asked for his phone number and some identifying info, and it was done. Absolutely trivial!

  12. no worries – they can just transfer it over. the only issue is there's sometimes a delay if you're with another carrier because AT&T is then at their mercy on when they're going to release it. My friend Ron in the video moved over his AT&T number and he was up in running in less than 10 min from opening the box!

  13. I thought it was funny when you couldn't figure out how to get back to the home screen and pressed every button except the big obvious one right in front of you. lol

    Nice vid!

  14. congratulations! you're going to love it – I'm amazed at how each day I like it more and more. be sure to bring your computer to the AT&T store then -you might need it to activate?

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