Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher [2018]

Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher easily. Now make ringtone for iPhone & learn how to set any iPhone song as a ringtone for free using iTunes 12.7 & higher with this tutorial. This video will help for adding ringtones to iTunes 12.7 and adding custom ringtones to iPhone. This tutorial will work for making ringtone for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and all other iPhone generations.

So checkout this tutorial and learn how to make Ringtone using iTunes 12.7 & higher! If this video helps,…

35 thoughts on “Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher [2018]

  1. i have n this shit is not working for ne.
    my file type is not changing n shit to whatever you have.
    This is fucking stupid when i had a phone like 8-10 years ago that did this fucking shit easy n im sitting here with better tech struggling. FML

  2. I don't know.
    I am sorry my friend, but when I hear an indian accent I turn off, purely and simply because of the many indian scammers out there, copying a variety of accents (badly!), but it is a turn off.

    Sorry bro
    Take care, good bye.

  3. Hello, I am using iPhone 8 plus 256gb model. After updating my iTunes's version to in Windows 7 64 bit OS (genuine), I followed all the options mentioned in the video, I tried to drag the created file (as ringtone) to iTunes in tones tab, but unable to get it there. The tones's page remains blank even after coping and pasting it manually.

    For your information, I have changed the extension precisely and went through all your steps very carefully, but still facing the same problem.

    Awaiting for the solution!!!

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