Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X

Long time Android user switching to the iPhone X. How did it go?
The iPhone X is the best phone made by Apple, but was it enough to make me switch from using Android to the iOS platform?
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37 thoughts on “My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X

  1. Thanks so much for this. I've been a Macbook AND Android user for years. It would be GREAT to get one of these awesome new iPhones for the ease of getting videos into Final Cut Pro etc like you mentioned but damn, Android is still better in so many ways.

  2. I would have liked to hear more about your switching experience. This is more of a review of the iPhone X. I'm considering switching from Google Pixel 2 to iPhone and looking for others who have, and their comparisons, before I decide to take the plunge. I'm finding that if I got the iPhone, I would lose the ability to close all apps with one touch, I'd lose the ability to text message and text-send pix to any person, (regardless if recipient is Android or iPhone), when in airplane mode on WiFI, and I would lose split screen. I would lose the ability to clear all of all notifications with one touch. So far, the only thing I see the iPhone having that I don't is anamogi…I would literally never use the iPhone anamogi feature. I'd lose some key functions I use a lot if I switched but, as I'm comparing these two cells, I fail to see what I would get with the iPhone that I don't already have on my Pixel 2. Does anybody know any functions that the iPhone would offer me that the PIxel doesn't??? It's actually wired.. when I've recently asked iPhone users if I can close all apps with one touch, the look a little confused… When I've asked if they can do split screen, they get a glazed over look and have no idea.. When I ask if they can send BOTH text and text-send pictures while in airplane mode/on WiFi to anybody–including non-iPhone recipients–they don't seem to know. I'm finding the walls are pretty high with the Apple ecosystem courtyard.

  3. Great review – good to learn about the pros and cons.

    I'm considering switching from Android to iPhone because don't want so much of my personal data harvested.

    Battery life is my main concern. Maybe the XR is a better option given it has a bigger one. Will you be reviewing this model?

  4. Notification: fixed
    Bluetooth: if i understood well, maybe you have some settings set differently but I don’t have that problem.
    Closing apps: fixed
    Thank god we don’t get the always on… I personally hate it.
    Widgets, useless… Thank god they are there on the side and i can have a completely clean home while having all widgets in one organized page.
    Different points of view i think, anyway a really good review, I agree with the camera settings being that minimalistic but i understand that iPhones are meant to be easy to use and that many settings on any Android devices always confuses me and distract me from the shot. I think a button with a direct link with that camera settings section would be enough 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  5. so android has a way to install 500 apps and not use folders yet it shows up on your first or second page for the one you want all the time??? talking about 9 minutes in. yes no matter what if you have 500 apps you will always spend time looking for the one you want as well as dozens of pages, my note has over 6 pages with a couple folders and I have maybe 50. always looking for the ones I don't use all the time.

  6. Who are you trying to troll? Exchanging files between Android and a Macbook is super easy. Have you heard of Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive? I do it all the time between my personal Note 8 and my work iPhone X and Macbook.

    And you think the iPhone camera has cool features, but you forgot to mention it takes a minimum of 15 seconds to use any of those so-called features. I really didn't find those features all that great. I stopped using the iPhone camera for that very reason. And my Note 8 takes better pics anyway.

    And notifications on iPhone sucks. It's so cluttered, it's easy to just skip them.

    And charging on my Note is super fast with the standard charger.

    I'm staying with Android. I left Apple 5 years ago and haven't looked back.

  7. G8 job man! After couple years of using Android and Samsung i was thinking to give a try on iphone. Well thanks to you i will stay with Android and my S8 😎. Keep it up with good work! 👍👍👍

  8. If you don’t like the Apple keyboard, you can definitely change the default keyboard to a third-party keyboard. I want to say that that’s been the case since iOS 7 or eight. In fact, the SwiftKey keyboard is available through the App Store for free.

  9. I wonder why all the android fanboys think that just the hardware matters, I prefer good but not hardcore techlord specs, good presentation (meaning the box it comes in, the look of the device), great software, software that supports your phone with optimizing updates for years, and value that keeps for years for reselling.

  10. I think most of the issues you have with iphone is because you are so much used to android. I bought a secondary android phone to hold my extra sim cards and everything you didn`t like about the iphone is pretty much everything I don`t like about android lol. Like I hate how the notifications are. I hate how there are no app badges. I never really cared about the swipe down notifications because every app badge has notification count. I really hated all the android keyboard except for the swipe typing feature. That`s a pretty cool way to text. I also hate how there are so many things on my homescreen like weather and google search etc and I really like how much more apple is organized. And I`d never use screen always on. I think it is pretty much effortless to just raise to see the time or if I have any notifications…

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