Sunday, 16 Jun 2019

New iPhone 12 feature in the works

Latest patent shows Apple may be prepping for a Touch ID comeback that would put the original to shame, the latest iPhone 11 leak and what’s different about Apple’s newest MacBook Pros? Also, we got the official invites to WWDC!

Apple will fix your broken keyboard

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42 thoughts on “New iPhone 12 feature in the works

  1. I'm a Google Pixel user (been droid for ever) and have actually been considering switching to iPhone to give a trial use. However, iPhone Xl.. yawn.. that cam bump on the back looks awful and the notch is staying so, I'll pass on my consideration for a iPhone for now…a phone with numerous less short-cuts of functions, like "mark as read" and reply to text messages both options from lock screen. Hey Apple, thanks for making my decision to not try your products easy!

  2. This phone gone ahead and break the 2000 dollar mark next to the foldables, and guys gone and buy one for the bigger flex.
    “Yo u got those airpods 2” nah mate miss me with that broke shit

  3. An acknowledgement that's four years too late, and u will take it??
    Well, typical brainless apple fan girl. Start holding apple responsible for their shitty faulty product instead of saying shit like this. This is exactly the reason apple can charge a fortune for their repairs and profit from faulty product that they design and ship.

  4. I won’t apple build more battery change there shape of phones inside of the same models they make ? Really need a logo grow in dark back of the phone on and off options ,people maybe buy more phone so many people see all the videos put a grow in dark logo maybe if they build them every one will get super excited .

  5. Why you need finger print reader when you have face id? I've been trying android phone which is have both of those stuf. If you activate both, face id will work first so you don't need to use finger print reader.

  6. One of the very few things I liked about the iPhone XS is the face ID system. Because of my work, my fingerprint is not always reliable.
    An Apple Theme engine that allows some degree of customization and even an embedded weather /clock widget would be nice.

  7. I rarely dislike a video, but in this case the reports seem to be somewhat biased or incomplete and Vanessa appears to only be superficially interested it what she is discussing and just 'hype' what she's talking about for the sake of it

  8. Forgive me if i'm old school. I lived at a time where there was just rotary phones that plugged into the wall. So i could give two shits which phone i have today. I'm just grateful that phones actually exist.

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