Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Nokia 8.1 vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro | Which one is Better? | Comparison

In this video, we compare Nokia 8.1 and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro phones. both the smartphones comes with good specs lets see which one is the best. For More Stuff Please Visit Our website Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram Twitter like share and subscribe to my channel To support our channel […]

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How to use split screen in Oppo A3S

How to use split screen in Oppo A3S: Some people may not know what is split screen and how it can be helpful in Oppo A3S. Here is the perfect guide about the Oppo A3S split screen feature so that such people can easily understand what is use of split screen and how to use […]

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! My name is Nicole Rodriguez and today I decided to film a whats on my iphone 7 plus! I hope you all enjoy this video and get some ideas of what to download on your phones! I love you all so much! Make sure you hit the subscribe […]

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