Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Pixel 2 XL ISSUES FIXED vs iPhone X Screen Comparison White Pixel 2 XL Hands on 🐼

In this video we touch on a few different topics. Has Google and LG fixed their screen issues from blue tint to Burn in. We also compare the screen size of the iPhone x and the pixel 2 XL as well as a speed test between the two.

49 thoughts on “Pixel 2 XL ISSUES FIXED vs iPhone X Screen Comparison White Pixel 2 XL Hands on 🐼

  1. i got pretty upset when apple admitted slowing down old phones when new phones were being released. although i purchased the iphone x but as months past. i decided to jump ship and go to google pixel xl 2 panda. i love it so much and its so fluid and milky smooth. yes, the screen still has a shifty blue tint, but it doesnt really bother me at all. goodbye iphone x.

  2. One thing I noticed.. how much more clunky iOS appears to be with the fee things you did. And it's true.. as a long time iPhone users myself, I switched to the Pixel 2. It is what the iPhone used to be. Sinple, sensible, and user centered. Can't wait to see this face ID thing die with apple. Using an iPhone has never been so complicated.

  3. You shouldn't have to play the RMA lottery to find a model that hasn't got all these screen issues. It's unacceptable that a company of Google's size could release such a flawed product. It's a shame because the performance & camera are top-notch but a bad screen on a flagship is a dealbreaker.

  4. Got the Pixel 2 XL🐼 well over a month ago and it's been nothing short of a work horse. ZERO lag, plenty o' battery, buttery smooth OS, most optimized mobile camera sensor yet and what to say about that unadulterated pure "Google-ness!" Such a pleasant phone to own and worth every penny of my hard-earned money.

  5. Jesus christ dude these dislikes are all people that got unlucky! Hopefully my pixel that comes tomorrow won’t have these issues!

    You are real blessed though to have a pixel that is literally having no issues. I would argue as crazy I sound that the hue out of both screens is better on the pixel. So much coolness to the screen so nice!

  6. I originally purchased a pixel 2 XL and send it back that one was all black, the new one is the Stormtrooper version and it should be here in about 4 days so I'm hoping that I got one of the same batch as yours with no issues.

  7. Pixel 2 XL is amazing. I thought I would return it because of all the negative press, but the display is amazing especially post update. It is buttery smooth, the software is super useful, especially the left pane with all of the news, for which you can pre-select your favorite topics!!! I also love the huge battery and the freedom it gives me. My only regret coming from an Axon 7 is that speakerphone call quality (unlike playing music videos and music) is not as good as on the Axon 7.

  8. you were supposed to review just the screen quality of the pixel 2 xl or issues, according to you title, but you immediately straight up to speed comparison. that's not a good review habit,. performance was never an issue in pixel line up.

  9. There's blue shift at the top of your screen when tilted down away from you towards tableat top. If you cant see that in person, great. We can see it in this video. Having said that, the one i just received tonight is TERRIBLE. I called google within moments. It is going back.

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