Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Video Quality Comparison!

The iPhone XS Max packs some of the best video recording features in any phone. Google’s Pixel 3 is newer but lacks quite a few of those features, but can it still hold up in video quality? Let’s find out!

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45 thoughts on “Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Video Quality Comparison!

  1. THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISON OF IPHONE VS ANDROID PHONES!!!!! I WISH I WATCHED IT BEFORE I BOUGHT SAMSUNG S9+ THAT IS AS BAD AS ALL ANDROIDS FOR CAMERA…..i have old iphone 6 plus and even i prefer to use it instead of my samsung s9+ because samsungs camera is floaty, shaky, jittery…., but iphone smooth and stable

  2. I was a big pixel fan, but the pixel 3 xl's speakers sound really muffled. No joke! For a premium phone, this was a bit of a disappointment for me. Also, front facing speakers kind sound weird when the bottom speaker sounds louder than the top speaker. Last, can't get used to the notch on top. I believe I will be switching over to Samsung this time around or finally give apple shot.

  3. Awesome video! QUICK QUESTION FOR YOU OR ANYONE THAT CAN HELP: For someone that just uses simple free apps to edit photos/video with no post editing on computer, is there an easy solution or app you can recommend to edit saturation and temperature of the pixel videos while still on the phone??

    The Pixel 3 has AMAZING image quality, but the videos that the pixel 3 produces do not look as good as the iphone xs videos to me (I like the saturation and feel of iphone videos more)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Depends onwhat you want. I clearly looks like you have no experience in photography. I'm in iPhone user for 10 years and i like the photos from Google's phones more. They are more natural and keep more details. You say that the photos from the iPhone are more contraty and sharp but is that how you see with your own eyes. I don't think so!

  5. I have a problem. I manufacture digital art clocks that change colors. When I try to shoot a movie if I lock the exposure then some colors are too dark. And if I don’t lock the exposure the exposure wanders all over, a mess. See to understand. Any suggestion? Barry Gamble.

  6. Did you accidentally smear the lens of the Pixel 3? Every other comparison video I have seen, pretty much consistently shows the Pixel 3 as sharper than the iPhone XS, Note 9, and a bunch of other Android phones.

  7. Remember when the XS was receiving glowing camera reviews a last month and all the Android fanboys said "wait till the pixel 3 comes, that'll be king". Well, it might take better stills occasionally but this video comparison is night and day. Pixel and Galaxy cameras are always overrated.

  8. When you turn the iPhone XS max's 4k 30 mode on it uses HDR video and has improved dynamic range as well. It also has a lowlight mode where it will turn 4k 30 into 4k 24 turn give even more improved lowlight performance as well as better dynamic range.

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