Saturday, 25 May 2019

Pixel 3a XL vs XS Max | Camera Comparison! | $$$ Isn't Everything…

This is an in-depth camera comparison between the new Pixel 3a (XL) and the iPhone XS (Max).

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28 thoughts on “Pixel 3a XL vs XS Max | Camera Comparison! | $$$ Isn't Everything…

  1. You see more dynamic range, details and better color reproduction in the Pixel 3a XL than on the iPhone. Google is going to turn the smart phone industry on it's head with this inexpensive device as far as the camera goes. Build quality goes to the iPhone all day long and so does the software smoothness. I happen to enjoy using both Apple and Android.

  2. I have an XS Max 256 gb but the truth is you really don't need to buy an expensive phone since the cheap ones are so good. My $23 refurbished Samsung Luna Pro phone that I caught a deal on is really all I need to be honest.

    The XS Max camera is much better to be honest and the camera would be great for someone trying to sell a house or other products, but if you are just searching the internet than a cheap phone is all you need.

  3. For me the pixel kinda wins considering its price. You get high details and good contrast but the images look a bit underexposed and in video no one can beat the iphones.

  4. day time photography- Xs Max
    low light photography- Pixel
    Video – Xs Max

    best overall- Iphone Xs Max ( just because a 600 series chipset on the Pixel just wont be able to keep up with new apps and software updates and slow down the phone in time)

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