Saturday, 25 May 2019

Pocophone F1 vs Samsung A8 Camera Comparison/Screen/Sound speakers/Design

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20 thoughts on “Pocophone F1 vs Samsung A8 Camera Comparison/Screen/Sound speakers/Design

  1. Hello BRO please for god sake make a video on HDR issue of pocophone f1 on youtube.
    The HDR videos are washed out but when you download the video from tubemate its completely fine!

  2. sir muhammad there is a custom build dolphin emu for snapdragon and its very very good its playable now in redmi note 5 😉 i can play need for speed most wanted now and legend of zelda 😉 vulkan is supported 😉

  3. Come on man… Did you just say glass would survive more??…. I can already see dents on the Samsung glass is for beautification not durability… Remember you don't throw stones when you live in a GLASS house.. Thanks ninja 🙌💯

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