Monday, 22 Apr 2019

Pop Socket Review – The Most Useful Accessory Ever?

I first saw a pop socket waiting in line for brunch here in San Francisco. It seemed like the ultimate accessory for my iPhone 7 and I had to have one. So I got one.
Is it super useful to have a pop up kickstand anywhere you go? Does it make the phone too big in your pocket? Does it make it easier to hold onto?

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38 thoughts on “Pop Socket Review – The Most Useful Accessory Ever?

  1. I've never understood the popularity of the pop socket. Sure, it might add a better grip for some people, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who may sometimes lay the phone down on my desk & occasionally type on it. Having that bump will be annoying. I used to have a case with a dash mount on the back of it, which gave it a similar bump on the back. It was more annoying than useful.

  2. So I suppose I'm the only person that realizes that the pop socket was originally invented as a solution to your headphones getting tangled everytime you put them in your pocket. Just wrap them around the pop socket and viola.. I dont think this can be overlooked when evaluating the usefulness of the product.

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