Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Redmi 6 Pro Vs Redmi Y2 Camera Test [HINDI]

Comparison: #Redmi 6 pro vs Redmi Y2 Camera Test & Review

Redmi 6 pro & Redmi Y2 have 12MP+ 5MP Dual camera whereas when Redmi 6 pro is compared with Redmi Y2, the results are fantastic.

Redmi 6 Pro Vs Redmi Y2 Camera:
Comparing Redmi 6 Pro Vs Redmi Y2 in daylight & low light photography, also we compared 6 Pro with Y2 in the video as well. The whole camera test was performed using same lightening & other factors.

Camera Test Results:
Redmi 6 Pro Camera is far better than Redmi Y2…

11 thoughts on “Redmi 6 Pro Vs Redmi Y2 Camera Test [HINDI]

  1. Mere Hisab se Redmi 6 pro is little better in case of rear 📷 camera. But agar overall features agar Dekha jaye+festive offer price drop bhi add Kar de toh Y2 will be a better choice than 6 pro. Y2 offers a better front camera, battery, RAM+ROM etc. Ma'am agar front camera Ka bhi test karte toh aur achha hota. Thanks for this one.

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