Monday, 22 Apr 2019

Samsung Galaxy A20 unboxing & initial review.[Red colour]

Samsung has launched their next A series phone which is the A20 at a price tag of 12,490 INR.
2019 has been very busy for Samsung especially the budget segment, and now with the launch of the new galaxy A20 the budget segment has become more crowded.
We got the Red variant of the A20 and has unboxed it and tested the initial performance, ran Geekbench, took couple of camera samples, played PUBG mobile and checked the overall phone.
So incase you are planning to buy one do watch the video…

15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A20 unboxing & initial review.[Red colour]

  1. Good job. Please keep away from drama and keep your video as technical as possible. You can be India's MKBHD. And, please no funky thumbnails. they look childish. Please do not follow other Indian review channels.

    PS: Your style of thumbnail is just perfect. Dont change it. On a personal note, are you from Kerala ?

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