Sunday, 26 May 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Pixel 3 XL – Camera Comparison

The ultimate camera comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Pixel 3XL.
This is the camera that I use for YouTube: – Amazon Link.

In this video I compare the front and rear cameras on the Galaxy S10 and the Pixel 3 XL.
Throughout this video you can check out portrait mode pictures, daytime pictures, night time pictures, selfies and of course videos.

All the pictures were taken on Auto Mode and about 1 second apart from each other.
For night time pictures I…

33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Pixel 3 XL – Camera Comparison

  1. I honestly prefer the S10 for both photos and video. The only area where the Pixel 3 is still better imo is selfies. For some reason, Samsung still seems to have a problem with getting their HDR to work in Live Focus mode and Samsung has that annoying beautification effect on faces.

  2. Samsung always are 1 stop overexposed. Results in brighter pictures and then they boost colours. To the common eye, that looks better but as an overall picture when you actually pay attention to the overexposed portions its worse.

  3. You should use Pixel Night Sight even in daylight to get better dynamic range, and normal mode to get more dramatic contrast.
    But nothing beat S10 wide angle camera and that is the feature people will need more than night Sight.

  4. I think in 2019 buying a flagship smartphone camera is not no.1 in priority list anymore. The differences are very minimal. Battery, screen, performance, UI is what matters making a decision.

  5. The S10 looked like it was still doing HDR and it was creating some really nasty haloing going on in some of the pictures.

    Something I haven't seen anyone mention about the Pixel 3 is that the in phone photo editor is extremely powerful and it gives you the option to edit the second you take the picture. Makes me think Google was really gearing their camera to combat apps like VSCO camera and Instagram photo editor.

  6. The fact that Pixel 3 still holds its own in day time rear shots, and dominates in everything else says Samsung has a problem.

    When the Pixel 4 releases and that new image processing comes down to Pixel 3, oh boy!!!

  7. In my use the S10 fails hard indoors. Try taking a photo of a puppy or child on the move with indoor lighting. The Samsung smudges the hell out of it. Pixel doesn't do that.

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