Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Cover Case

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17 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Cover Case

  1. I got it at release. Awesome case… for a week.
    It scratches super easy or gets dimmed from wear.
    At that price, you expect a top end look for half a year at least. I didn't want to show my edge with it on very fast.

  2. i was going to get this case until i saw it in person, yeah it makes the gold phone look sexy as hell with this gold case but there are far too many downsides to this case for me once i saw it in person. first of all i hate the shade of gold, its like a dark champagne gold, which in my opinion doesnt go very well with the kind of gold on the phone, and secondly it leaves finger prints like crazy and probably would scratch easy, and third it doesnt protect the edges of the phone on the side top or bottom. i bought a case from the samsung website called "Galaxy S6 edge Fabric Flip Wallet Cover" it comes in silver, gold and many other colors. i think either that gold or silver would go well with this gold phone as it does also look silver in the light. and the case is also fabric which is pretty unique, it doesnt look cheap like most leather cases do and its designed to protect the edge of phone.. im getting my phone on friday and ill be uploading an unboxing and case review if you guys want to check it out on my profile on friday or saturday.

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