Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Oleophobic Coating Scratch Test

Smart phones without oleophobic coating are easy getting dirty. Without oleophobic coating, fingerprint spots will leave on the screen and make the screen looks dirty. What about Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with oleophobic coating? Is the screen still scrach-proof? Let’s find answers from the video.

The screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is very wear-resisting, but sometimes keys in your pocket may scratch the screen. In the test, I was not supposed to see any scratch on the screen. …

35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Oleophobic Coating Scratch Test

  1. Horrible testing tools; he keeps using the same metals pretending it makes a difference. Use some common sand and see how it is destroyed; it's almost criminal how many youtube channels mislead people about this.

  2. It's just stupid from samsung not putting an oleophobic coating on the back panel. Having that would make the device less fingerprint-prone, meaning that they would have better reviews.

  3. I never keep anything but my phone in my left pocket. It now has a multitude of light scratches near the edges of the screen after a few months of ownership. They're hard to notice when the display is turned on, but I can feel them as rough spots. Never had this issue with the GS5.

  4. Oleophobic doesn't mean it repels water!! In your test you verify hydrophobicity, oleophobicity is the anti-fingerprint power, so fat repulsion! Those are two very different concepts so please change the title or change the test

  5. Same thing with the Note 8. I just got mine a few days ago and already has 4 scratches. I had a S6 edge fore 2 years and never had one scratch without the screen protector. 😢

  6. Is my s8 plus defective? I set mine on the table to put on an adhesive kick stand on the back and it has scratches on the screen now. And here you are taking Razer blades to it wtf I don't understand

  7. My Black S8+ got scratched from the first day. No drops, no keys, no nothing. Now I have many scratches on both front and back of the phone. I use my gadgets carefully and had many phones without scratches. But S8+ is a disappointment for me.

  8. I remember when the S7 was getting praised for its screen. So I thought I didn't need a screen protector. Until I took it out of my pocket (nothing was in with it) and found 2 hair scratches on the top left of the screen. Yes, just hair scratches, but still. Ha.

    Oleophobic means oil, but you only tested water. you never tested oil so i just watched your video for no reason. please learn to title correctly, dislike.
    i wanted to see oil because that would show if fingerprints stick on the screen or not, would have been interesting to see how oil droplets form on the screen

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