Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S9 Plus: Which One Did I Keep?

S9+ Camera comparison:

Quick comparison between the S9 vs the S9 Plus on size, features and price.

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26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S9 Plus: Which One Did I Keep?

  1. Err just a quick note at 2:41 I didn’t mean to make it sound like only the S9+ has the variable aperture. Both phones get that feature. Was trying to explain the dual lens capabilities overall on the S9+ with the new features.

  2. Got the S9+ because I spend quite a bit of time watching stuff on YouTube (cough cough) and playing games, but I got to try both in store and have to admit that the S9 felt much better in-hand, especially considering I don't wear L-size gloves.

  3. You can use the finger print censor to bring down notifications to deal with the taller size.

    Also u can set to swipe down anywhere on the screen to bring down the notifications.

  4. Nice.. Just seeing this video now. I ended up getting the reg S9 mostly because of the size. The camera isn't a big deal between the two phones cuz it usually defaults to the regular camera if there's not good light. I don't play games on my phone so I never have any problem with enough battery making it through the day… I would say the only real plus is the extra 2 gigs of RAM but I don't usually keep my phone more than a year so even that isn't a big deal to me…

  5. Coming from a zte zmax plus to a s9 plus is like a major size deduction! You will feel the difference in your hands and pockets! Get the s9 plus! More memory, less app response congestion, and no "what if I got the better s9 plus phone" in your mind! If you're paying a bill month to month why not? This phone operates even snappier with the latest security update! And so does the cameras!

  6. I originally got that 9 plus but ended up getting a refund because Samsung send it it to the wrong address so since I didn't want to wait I went to the store saw that the S9 was fine and bought the regular S9 a lilac purple and exynos 9810 International model cool they were going to send me a Snapdragon everyone has that so at least I have a unique phone being that it's a 9810

  7. Great review. If only they had done here what they did with the S8 and the S8 Plus and kept the difference only in the size I'd have gone for the S9, but since you have three major factors which differ – the battery, the Ram and the camera then the S9 Plus is the better bet. If you're reading this Samsung please do not do this when you release the S10. Let the difference between the regular and the Plus variant be only in size.

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