Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Hands-On: Android Tablet for Multitaskers

Good Android tablets are increasingly hard to find, maybe because so few people actually buy them anymore. But for those who are looking for one, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line remains one of the best in the category. It’s nice to see, then, that the company has continued to update the device, launching today the Galaxy Tab S4. The new tablet focuses on improving productivity and entertainment, with multitasking DeX software built in and a refined stylus. It’s slightly prettier than before, but…

48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Hands-On: Android Tablet for Multitaskers

  1. Now that the iPad pro 2018 is out…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is not to compare. This is the same if You compare Hale Berry with a crackwhore. 4gb ram 2 year old processor. 649 iPad 2018 raped the s4. Shame on you samsung. The s4 sound be 450 dollars/euro MAX

  2. Yes love it, for single user up to the user, but i want devices like this for business, things like ms office are free on Android, so many advatages to having android with pc experience to a company

  3. Questions:

    If Google is ending support for Android tablets, why would Samsung even make another one?

    In this market with such affordable premium alternatives, why would they price it so high?

    Maybe they have money to waste on a product no one will buy.

  4. even though the screen is stunning I think I will buy the ipad pro 10.5 after I get a 6 hour battery life on my galaxy tab s2, with Wi-Fi off in sleep mode. is the screen of the ipad pro 10.5 also very nice? but do I have to wait for the new ipad pro or can I still buy the ipad 10.5 2017?

  5. People going on about the price point because it’s last years specs. Bear in mind the new note 9 is $1000+ which only differences are the newer processor and extra 2gb ram and improved camera. I don’t think £650 is too unreasonable. If you wanted up-to date specs you probably would be looking about about $1000 price point. Compared to an iPad which is similar in specs. Doesn’t come with a desktop experience. Doesn’t have a pen included. Doesn’t have expandable storage and comes at the same price.

  6. Can u use ur fingers, instead of pen ? Can't stand the pens, plus always lose them….thats the best review i've seen so far 👏👍👌 thanku 😀 when are they going to do away, with the stupid mouse ?

  7. BTW you really couldn't find a place with less background noise to film this? I couldn't watch the full review because it was too damn annoying. I had to pause the video just so I could bitch you out in a message lol. Thanks for the review anyways atleast you tried. Cheers bro.

  8. They can put 6 and 8 gb's of ram in a note but they can't fit it into a tab. I'm a huge Samsung fan but I feel like the team they have making these things are seriously lacking.

  9. Samsung speakers have always been horrible on both tabs and phones. I have a Tab S3 and music sounds terrible. Audio for youtube videos is under whelming. Music and audio sounds amazing on my Surface Pro. Not sure why Samsung has never made sound a priority on any of their products. I will skip this tab and hope they offer better speakers with Tab S5.

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