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Samsung Q6FN 4K HDR TV review

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It’s a great time to be shopping for a new TV. From Ultra High Definition 4K resolution to HDR for amazing colours, and smart functions, you’re getting a lot of features in new TVs today. That’s the case with Samsung’s Q6F TV. Download the SmartThings app from Samsung on either the App Store or Google Play or from Galaxy Apps.

There are a few key features of the Samsung Q6FN. It’s a QLED TV, with 4K resolution, HDR and smarts.

In a nutshell, QLED is a…

21 thoughts on “Samsung Q6FN 4K HDR TV review

  1. Nice tv for the price. I decided to go with the sony 900f. Im a lifelong samsung customer. My last tv was a ks8500. great tv for gaming and movies but for sports it was terrible. Could not handle motion. I can tell you the 900f is wonderful for sports.

  2. If you couldn't find a con that means you need to do a little bit more research, a con you need to purchase a 4k playback device to get the full experience, a con the screen doesn't have anti glare like the Q7F, a con and this one im just being picky i was unsatisfied with the level of sharpness you dont get without having no upscale capabilities the processors in this machine smooth the objects way to much making things look like 3D i didnt like that. But i would still buy this tv.. Haha

  3. I have a ks8000 and I’m wanting to upgrade. I’ve been looking at oleds for my man cave but I game and the burn ins scare me. I found this model for 800 for a 65. Do u think this would be an upgrade since it’s the entry level qled and my ks8000 even if 2016 was a high end model? Also is not having a one connect box a big thing when I utilize all for hdmis

  4. I got me a 70inch Samsung QLED last year for $3400 and it only lasted 7 hours. Two hours to hook it up and 5 hours of watching. Suddenly it the picture disappear with only the sound was on. Called Samsung and took 3 hours trying to repair it. Finally I decided to returned it. Now, I would not be buying anything with the Samsung name attached to it. This year, I will be buying again but it would be a Sony instead. Samsung products are real trash.

  5. One tv reviewer said that the picture isn't that sharp…is it so? Please advice….i am really interested in this cute tv..many good reviews as well…many thanks to you as well.. Great.

  6. We bought the 75" Q65F and are surprised there isn't a way to anchor the tv to a media cabinet. Seems like quite a liability. (We don't want to mount it on the wall.)

  7. I dont like that she didnt even compare it to OLED. Most of us are watching this video because we don't know if OLED is a lot better than QLED. The deep black of the OLED is so satisfying but the price is nearly double the QLED.

  8. QLED is not essentially OLED. In fact it is not OLED at all. QLED is just Samsungs branding for their upper tier LED TV’s, some of which use local dimming. OLED TV’s can individually light up each individual pixel with a red, green, blue or white LED. Samsung’s QLED line does not do that.

  9. QLED is not a proprietary tech. Sony did it first with Triluminous and TCL also uses it with Xess line in Europe. It also is not related to OLED in any way. Quantum Dots are just a layer over the LEDs that filter blue light and put out another color based on the reaction.

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