Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

The iPhone X Failed? Did nobody else see that? iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus initial impressions

The iPhone X flaking out totally reminds me of the time when Windows 98 bailed on Bill Gates on CNN. Not quite as embarrassing but it’s pretty close. The most exciting feature for the new iPhones? Probably Face ID but not for the reasons you may think.

So these new iPhones. Are they really a big deal?

For me, I’m going to say it’s a big upgrade if you’re using anything older than an iPhone 6s. For all the iPhone 7’s out there, the upgrade is going to be marginal between the 7 and…

36 thoughts on “The iPhone X Failed? Did nobody else see that? iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus initial impressions

  1. Just imagine eating at a place and u see this weird person playing a game. Just get a samsung s9+ it is way better and can connect a mouse and keyboard to play games or do work like I do. And there is no notch

  2. Hey buddy, I am traveling to the states and I want to change my iPhone 6 16gb because it’s just old. Which one do you recommend? I was thinking about iPhone 8 plus. It’s bigger with an impressive battery life. I can’t get the X since it is not factoty unlocked so I can’t use in Lebanon. I am lost so do you recommend to change my 6 or wait another year? Thank you 🙂

  3. Apple is the only company that can pretty much do anything like removing 3.5mm headphone jack or making you pay extra for fast charging or having a bigger display which everyone has and make it seem like they are the trend setters and sheep's will still buy there stuff.

  4. That faceID is useless thing on phone… TouchID was fast. Now.. You have to do a selfie in order to unlock the phone.. Omg i will be laughting on the street seeing multiple ppl scaning their faces 😂😂 i give you 100% you will see funny videos on internet of that. Can not wait to see that 😂😂😂 mark my word guys 😂😂

  5. Yup, disabled faceid because of too many tries. Still i went out and bought s8. I was 6s user before. Maybe next year come back to iphone for the xs or xi 🙂 will see. I like the stainless steel but not a fan of these huge bezels. 1mm thinner and it would have been very nice. Jump on board if you feel same way.

  6. MobileReviewsEh; Those are not good presenter eye wear. They cut your eyes in half every time you lower you face, so that is all of the time. Your iris get obscured by the upper edge of the eye wear. quite distracting.

  7. This is incredibly disingenuous. There's plenty of legitimate reasons to knock Apple, particularly after this announcement, but the Face ID "fail" was, in fact, no such thing. Unless we're counting stage presentation against the device itself, it worked exactly as advertised.
    The device operated as it was designed to operate, and the handling of the demo unit by multiple staffers prior to the demo, used up the unlock attempts by scanning their faces, which then prompted entry of the passcode as part of its built in security protocols.
    Perhaps if you were actually paying attention, or more precisely, if you were honest, you would have noticed/pointed out that the face scan indeed worked, jiggle animation and all, and the display on screen clearly stated the passcode must now be entered to reenable Face ID. The scan was successfully made and the results registered.
    The only failure here was on the part of the stage crew, and now you for posting a false report.
    This was my first time watching a video of yours. It will be my last.

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