Sunday, 26 May 2019

Unboxing My iPhone 7 Plus

Pros and Cons of iPhone 7 Plus video: I own none of this music what so ever
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PLEASE READ THIS PART IF YOU WERE interested IN THE PRIVACY SCREEN! :I’m so sorry about the false info but the 6s plus does not completely cover the iPhone 7 Plus. When I purchased the lady at the store told me it would, but I’m assuming she…

15 thoughts on “Unboxing My iPhone 7 Plus

  1. The phone is really good.>> It looks as they described it that it has light scratch from behind, but it doesn’t matter when you use a cover to protect your phone. I have it now for less than year and works perfectly so far. No problems with it. But I wish it had a wire headphone

  2. I'm 13 Christmas finna come I wanna iPhone 7 plus n apple watch like my sisters I want red or rose gold all my sisters got except one she gotta iPhone 6s plus I had a 5s but it broke . all my teachers got them too n all my friends I'm from memphis n ik alotta ppl tht got rose gold so I want red or rose gold

  3. I need more storage for my Spotify music I have a 32 gig 6s and I only have 9 gigs left lol but there's an android phone well a few that doesn't have headphone jacks also 😊

  4. Glad you've finally received your iPhone mine took a little over 2 months to ship. I got the 7 plus 256 gb Jet Black and it's a really great device the best to date. Keep up the great work.

  5. You seem so nice ❤ great video girl keep it up. So happy you have your phone now. I have the regular 7 in gold I originally had the matte black but it was super glitchy so I exchanged it. But I love love love the matte black 😍

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