Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Very IMPORTANT Adapter For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will go over a very important adapter piece for the compatibility of the Note 9 into the Gear VR. Just call customer service and have them send you one for free.

Samsung Customer Service Numbers to call: 1-800-726-7864 OR 1-844-876-5861

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41 thoughts on “Very IMPORTANT Adapter For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Actually I had the Samsung Gear VR headset SM-R324 and I called Samsung on November 25th and I was on the text chat with the man and he filled out the ticket so Ican receive an adapter for the VR SM-R324. My free adapter came in for the Note 9 last Thursday December 20th but it wasn't until I seen your video that the adapter didn't fit. I gave my son my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus because I upgraded to the Note 9 for m birthday in November. my son got a Samsung VR headset online but his model was the same as mine. So today I went to the store and Igot the current version of the VR headset SM-R325 and I gave my son my SM-R34 one. I just wanted to let you know your video was very helpful in telling the models apart. But I also wanted to let you know Samsung did send me the adapter for free even though I had had the SM-R324 instead of the SM-R325

  2. I love using my gear vr with my note 9. My concern was a tempered glass screen protector. Any issues? What brand of protector is that? White stone dome? Your channel is awesome. Keep up the great work.

  3. Some careful dremel work also works to make an older Gear VR headset fit a note 9. There is no difference other than the sizing of everything. No way was I going to buy a NEW headset and THEN wait for Samsung to send an adapter after I send a serial number. You don't have to completely butcher it, just expand the relevant bits to fit.

  4. I'd love to see any YouTube video without the subscribe begging. You already said first, get this adapter from from Samsung for free, so I'll just Google that. Then in the first minute you hit your begging part. So, no, I will not subscribe, and nor will I even watch any more of your video.

  5. Can you make a video on back up and re set s9 plus so that I can be sure after u re set it, the back up is there if you re set your phone without using smart switch to transfer data cause I'm trading my s9+ for s10+ and I can't use smart switch to transfer data but only through back up so id like to know if you can do a quick video on it please

  6. Excellent video Jimmy,. You know I couldn't get this part in Turkey, just didn't seem to be available. So I came up with a perfect solution for people like me. In the link below you can see it. You just need a sharp blade (mind your fingers) and shave away about a millimetre from the Internal grey rubber coat on the top, opposite where it slots into the headset and hey presto, it works perfectly and is completely stable. It doesn't scratch the frame. Don't remove too much rubber, make sure the area on top still has the rubber coating. Don't shave any rubber from the bottom area. Getting the new connector is obviously the best solution, but for those who can't get it easily or don't want to wait, this works.

  7. Very informative, thanks.
    Quick question, I recently tried to set up a chromcast with the Google home app on my Note9. Once the setup got to the end, before completion, it said that the there was a problem and could not finish the process. Since then, my chromcast works on all my other devices, except my Note9. I've been on the phone with the tech support from Google and no solution.
    Any suggestions?

  8. Thanks, Jimmy. I was able to place my order using the chat feature of the Samsung+ app. They confirmed the model of GearVR I had and then asked for my contact/shipping info and device IMEI. For the latter, I went to About Phone and used my S Pen to Smart Select the IMEI section and then extracted the text to clipboard and pasted that into the Samsung+ chat. Pretty darn easy!

  9. Free would be great! I was bummed that the USB-C adapter is lost and got a note 9 a month ago that i can't use the VR with. Thanks!
    (UPDATE) I have the wrong model. I have 323. Bigger bummer now. Can't use and have headset and controller!

  10. I've tried contacting Samsung Levant (in Middle East) through email but didn't get any reply so I had to sand the other adapter and now my Note 9 perfectly fits. It's hacky but it works 😛

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